Name: Nirav Patel
Email: niravpatel44[at]
Circuit and Discipline: WITS, Paediatric Surgery (Registrar)
Portfolio: Paediatric surgery representative
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
Continue to build on the work done in the past year by expanding membership and improving the website, serve as the paediatric surgery representative on the SASSiT Exco, continue to publish research on surgical training in South Africa, and maintain and improve communication with members through various avenues.
Email: natasha_singh1230[at]
Circuit and Discipline: SMU, General Surgery (Registrar)
Portfolio: President General surgery representative
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
With SASSITnow diversifying and incorporating junior doctors, medical officers and registrars in all major surgical disciplines,there is a lot more opportunity for us to engage with our peers to expand surgical training in SA.
My goals for the year: improve our exam preparation courses; video-conferences between the different institutions to share expert knowledge on key topics; outreach projects to create awareness of common surgical conditions; continuing to develop the SASSIT brand and encouraging research.
Name: Ben Moodie
Email: bnmoodie[at]
Circuit and Discipline: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (SMU)
Portfolio: Vice President
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
My plans are:
1) Surgical Registrar Training Program – we aim to establish a uniform standard training program in RSA.
2) To establish and develop a Surgical Registrar Exchange Program or Scholarship Program where registrars could get the opportunity to spend time in surgical units at different Universities.
3) SASSIT Refresher courses, brand development and research
4) Increasing the presence of SASSIT in surgical sub specialities
Name: Astrid Leusink
Email: astrid.leusink22[at]
Circuit and Discipline: Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, General Surgery (Community Service Officer).
Portfolio: Research
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
I truly believe that research is a vital component of surgical training, particularly in South Africa. We are fortunate enough to have access to a diverse and interesting patient population, which offers endless research opportunities. My goals for this portfolio during this term is not only to create and publish the annual SASSiT registrar survey but also to increase surgical registrars’ interest in research by creating an online database where registrars can collaborate through shared research ideas and experiences.
Email: drgadavis[at]
Circuit and Discipline: UP, Orthopaedic Surgery (Registrar)
Portfolio: Orthopaedic surgery representative
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
As SASSiT is a relatively new entity within the orthopaedic community I would like to further the reach of our orthopaedic program to all medical universities throughout the country. I am also striving to improve the recognition within orthopaedic professional councils and committees. Currently we offer a good intermediates curriculum and are looking to expand to include structures for final examination candidates.
Name: Phumudzo Ndwambi
Email: Phum.ndwambi[at]
Circuit and Discipline: Wits , General Surgery registrar
Portfolio: Wits registrar representative, Social media
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
My goal is to emphasize what being a member of SASSiT means to a surgical registrar and the great scope we as an association cover.
In a world where smartphones have taken over, attempting to get anyone's attention is through social media. My goal is to expand our social media audience and use these platforms to communicate with the surgery disciplines from all institutions in a more effective way. The vision is for us to get to a point of daily interaction that will facilitate idea-sharing and networking
Name: Sulé Burger
Email: suleburger[at]
Circuit and Discipline: Intern, Tembisa Hospital
Portfolio: Outreach, Student Liason, Global Surgery
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
I am passionate about making quality surgical care accessible to the South African population and I am working with a “global surgery” focus group to research and implement the six indicators as outlined by the Lancet Commission. As an outreach activity I will set up various surgical days to assist with surgical backlogs in the facilities that need them most.
I founded and lead various Student Surgical organisations, including the Wits Students, The Southern African and the International Students Association. I will be coordinating learning opportunities with registrar support to the current societies; as well as assist SMU, UKZN, NMMU and Tuks in establishing their societies.
Circuit and Discipline: Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital Community Service Medical Officer
Portfolio: Sponsorship and Marketing
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
During my term I will work to strengthen and diversify existing and new relationships between SASSIT and private and public sector organizations. I will aim to build our brand and establish it as a great contender in the field. Through this I will aim to make SASSIT a national and international known brand. This will be made possible through partnerships that are effective and sustainable.
Name: Susan Parkes
Email: susanparkes[@]
Circuit and Discipline:  
Portfolio: Secretariat
Portfolio Plans and Goals:
Allocate sufficient time to SASSiT who are doing such great work.