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2022 ASSA SAGES Conference

Save the date: Drakensberg Convention Centre, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa | 11 - 14 August 2022

The murder of Dr Abdulhay Munshi

on Wednesday 16 September 2020 is a calamitous blow for his family as well as medical practice in South Africa.

COVID-Surgery Recommendations and Risk Calculator

for Non-Emergency Surgery During the COVID-19 more

Cancer in the context of COVID-19

The CRI presents a selection of emerging research articles and clinical practice guidelines related to cancer and COVID-19, with a summary of their key findings/recommendations (links to the articles are embedded as hyperlinks in the titles). This is the 13th of our weekly compilation, which we plan to update and disseminate as the pandemic evolves globally and nationally.

Dr Maheshwar Naidoo - Surgreg Teaching Course

Thank you for your interest in joining the Surgreg teaching course. Please click on this link and fill in your details. I will then add you to the Whatsapp group and send you a username and password for

Federation of Surgeons of South Africa consensus document for the resumption of elective surgery after level 5 COVID -19 “lockdown” period in South Africa.

A national “lockdown” is in place until the 30th April 2020, and from the 1st May 2020 is has been de-escalated to level 4. It is unclear as to how long level 4 will continue, however level 3 remains quite restrictive. It is very likely that our health care infrastructure and resources, specifically with relation to the care of the most critically ill patients will be strained over the coming weeks and more

South African Journal of Surgery (SAJS) Vol 28 Number 1

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we are unable to print and distribute printed journals.

Please click here to access the journal

Global Medical Education Orthopaedics E-series

Smith and Nephew is planning a series of live webinars which will examine the varying fracture treatment methodologies that are used globally. This E-series is designed to address the difficult challenges which orthopaedic trauma surgeons face in fracture management, and to learn from experts in this field of how best to overcome them.

Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine Special Covid-19 issue

A special issue of the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine relating specifically to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa has just been published.

This issue can be accessed at

Biannual SASSiT Refresher courses will be cancelled

Dear Members

It is with regret that we inform you that the first of our Biannual SASSiT Refresher courses will be cancelled.The Corona virus global pandemic has had a profound effect on the international and local medical fraternity.

This decision is in keeping with recommendations put forward to help curb the spread of the Virus and avoid a public health Crisis of unmeasured proportion.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused . Your membership is of great importance and we shall endeavor to continue striving to bring surgical education to all.

We remain committed to helping you prepare for your forthcoming exams and hope to find alternative methods soon.

We take this opportunity to thank all healthcare workers for being at the forefront of fighting this pandemic.

Be clean Be safe Be considerate.

Sincerely, SASSiT Executive

SASSIT joins forces to bring you Podcasts

Discover Paediatric Surgery is an educational podcast on all things Paediatric surgery related. Teasing out core concepts in the care of paediatric surgical patients.
Follow this link to listen to Discover Paediatric Surgery Podcasts

Discovery - Young Doctor Helpline

On Saturday, I was a surgeon in South Africa, very little known. On Monday, I was world renowned.

Christiaan Barnard

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